Wednesday, November 14, 2007

An unbeknown

Midnight EstateMidnight estate, Genghis Khanerate!Rustle, blue birches.Bright sunset, Zarathustrate!And you, blue sky, Mozartate!You twilight-cloud, be Goya!And you at night, cloud, rainate!A whirlwind of smiles just flew by,Laughing with claws of shrieking,Then I saw the hangmanAnd surveyed boldly the midnight hush.And I called you, bold-featured,And he brought the drowned back from the river."Their forget-me-not is louder than a scream," -I told the sail of night.The earth's axis splashed out another day,Night's bulk is closing in.I dreamed I saw a salmon-girlIn the waves of a midnight waterfall.The pines are Tatared by the tempestAnd the Mongol rainclouds move,Yet words close in, Cains of silence, -And these saints are fallen.And with his guard blue HasdrubalWalked heavily to the stone ball.

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Gerolsteiner said...


Now look at him, silly fellow,
Up he flies to the skies!
No one heard his screams and cries!
Through the clouds the rude wind bore him,
And his hat flew on before him;
And the hat went up so high,
That it really touch'd the sky.

Soon they got to such a height,
They were nearly out of sight.
No one ever yet could tell
Where they stopp'd or where they fell.
Only this one thing is plain,
Bob was never seen again...