Friday, July 25, 2008

Arvo Pärt never joined the Hizbollah

This city -
all can happen in Beirut
cannot even count let alone measure
the multitude of sects

and Golf/arabs
and noteworthy:
the new race
fixed noses and breasts.

I have seen the yellow flags
of Hizbollah
celebrating dead men relased from jewish prisons

how diplomats live
how decadence cuns
every cunt in this city of noise.

In Southlibanon one can travel -
you can go: no problem.

And I have read Zarathustra and Bataille.
And I have seen the Movie: Japon.
I am far from going to the suicide-mountain
but I have the feeling of having done with most.

I have read the poem
Part never joined the Hizbollah
with Age from New Zealand
finally -
finally -
calling violence a saint from

This is it my friend -
the end is a master from racist Beirut
where fremmedarbejdere does the dirty laundry.

Is it so
that I can now
write the forest just as forest
no loss there -

but the noise here.

Always the bullet will take the house
build the house anew.

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